Friday, 13 March 2015

Earn money online

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I wanted to share Qmee with everyone that likes to make a bit of extra cash, i know it has been around for a while now but i started using Qmee a couple of weeks ago, just to clarify i was not hammering it everyday to earn as much as i can but from now on i will be checking it everyday and spending a bit of time searching online.

If you spend a lot of time on the internet clicking on paid to click websites to earn $0.02 a day then this is a must have for you, it is well worth having to make more money online. Free to join and easy to setup.

Basically it is an extension you add to your web browser, it takes literally minutes to set up your account and install the extension required. The thing i like is the fact it is not some annoying program that pops up every 5 seconds and gets in your face, i sometimes even forget it is running until the side bar suddenly pops up telling me i have adverts to click to earn money.

So far i have not received an ad which value is less than 5p. The main thing you need to realize with Qmee is that you need to pay attention to adverts it points you at, you need to spend some time looking around those pages so the system recognizes that you have a genuine interest in the adverts.

To make sure you understand and i am not misleading anyone you do not always get adverts to click on that will make you money but you should receive at least 5p per day.

When you join you will not be able to invite people so please share this information with them and point them towards this website.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Join E-sim for Free and Earn Money

You can earn real money in E-sim!

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  • For every day you work in the game you will get 0.01 EUR to your partnership account.
  • For every day of your referral's work you will get 0.001 EUR to your partnership account.
  • You will also get 10% of your referral's payments (buying Gold, premium account etc. with real money) to your partnership account.
  • You will be able to withdraw the money (we will send it to you by PayPal) when the amount at your partnership account reaches 20.00 EUR.

Terms and conditions are HERE.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Goaltycoon - What to Train


Explanation of player positions and what type of training they should receive, this is roughly what seems to work the best for each position, again this is only what seems to work best for me, ultimately it is up to you how you train your players.

Best skills to train by positions:

Center Forward = Shooting, Speed, Head Shot or Dribbling
Inside Forward = Shooting, Speed, Head Shot or Dribbling
Hole = Head Shot, Shot, Long shot or Dribbling
Offensive Midfield = Long shot or Passing
Center Midfield = Passing
Defensive Midfield = Tackling or Passing
Right Wing and Left Wing = Shot, Speed or Dribbling
Side Right Midfield and Side Left Midfield = Speed or Dribbling
Center Back = Tackling
Sweeper = Tackling
Full Right Back and Full Left Back = Tackling
Wing Right Back and Wing Left Back = Speed or Tackling.
Goalkeeper = Goalkeeping

As well as the skills mention above there is the option to train stamina, i believe all this really does is maintain a players energy level for longer.

For example 2 players both start with 100 energy however one of them has stamina skill at 10 and the other has stamina skill at 20. The player with the higher skill in stamina means his energy will last longer, so again for example come half time the player with 10 stamina skill may go down to only 50 energy left where as the player with 20 stamina skill will maybe have 60 energy left. I am not sure about the precise math but if anyone wishes to share that with me i will add it to the post.

Speed also seems to be a key skill to train and for the most part seems to boost every position, not something i am concentrating on at the moment apart from the obvious pointed out above, but hopefully some more details to follow soon.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

War of Clicks PTC website (Paid to Click)

I was introduced this morning to a new style paid to click website by Kazanus, when i say new style i suppose a better description would be unique! The reason that sets this site apart from other paid to click websites is the fact it is almost designed around a game in which the more active you are and the more ads you click the higher your level becomes. I like the design and features that i have come across so far, it doesn't make you feel like you are just sat there clicking ads relentlessly because quite frankly you want to go exploring and see what the next feature holds and what you need to do to complete your next achievement.


It has many different features including the fact you can buy and equip items to increase your earnings, just like a game, as with other sites like this you can invite new members to join that become your referrals which you can also earn from.

Unlimited clicking is one of the best features, the fact that you can click all day long if you want too, coupled in with this is the fact you can earn even more bonuses for being the most active throughout 24 hours. Not all ads give you cash but you do receive warcoins. Basically it is down to you to earn as much or as little as you want.

An achievements list which rewards you with bonuses the deeper you get in to it that can be converted in to special warcoins which you use to purchase items and referrals if you so wish too.

These are just a few of the things i have picked up on in my first day clicking away and being nosy if i am honest! It just gives you the feel you are playing a game rather than just clicking ads.

paid to click

That is it for now more updates will follow over the coming days as i progress, if you wish to take a look and sign up here is my referral link - War Of Clicks

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Online Games

It is your turn to tell me about online browser games that you can earn real money from that are free to join or other money making ideas that i can take a look at and review it, if i find the website, game or article interesting i will add links to my pages.

If you have something to share, share it in this post along with your referral links and if i do like the look of it i will use your referral link to sign up. Please have a look around the site and if there is something that looks good to you for making more money then register using the links within images or text to sign up. If you can not find a link send me a message and i will fix the problem or send you the link.

If you find the site interesting and want to be kept up to date with updates and new posts then follow me on Google+, Twitter etc and i will do the same for you.