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Goldentowns is a free online town building game in which you can earn gold that can be converted in to real currency. As far as i am aware most browsers work with this game how ever playing on an ipad for example you will need to download some form of java player.

Essentially it is your typical town building game you start with basic buildings that you need to set in operation making what ever resources are applicable to them, increase your population by creating workers. Once you gather enough resources you can then upgrade your buildings and make new ones providing you have the citizens to fill up the job spots. The main aim is to make your town profitable.

I will be honest and say it is worth looking in to the many posts and videos available on the internet and study them before you just start putting buildings anywhere you like. I say this because each building affects other buildings in the game, you cannot upgrade some buildings unless the are in the catchment area of certain other buildings, as i said there is a lot of information about and it is worth reading or even talking to me and asking for advice which i will give freely if you sign up as my referral.


Once you get in to the game a bit deeper there is a lot more ways to make more money, selling workers you have created, army that you have created, selling resources, trading in townshares, bonds and even gameshares. The ultimate way to make money is to build gold mines. Gold is the main currency used in game that can later be converted in to real money for you to withdraw.

The game itself is pretty easy to understand and work out but as i said one key thing is to set up your town correctly from the start.

As with other games on this blog you do not need to invest to start making money or sign up, that is totally up to you, again investing just means you can move things along a little quicker.

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