GoalTycoon is an online football management game, in which you can convert the virtual currency in to real currency. It is a strategy game that relies on the management of not just your football team but the club and staff that go hand in hand with a football club. The Manager will be the one that picks the best game strategy, choosing the players, buying/selling/training youths also the training and game strategies from what formation and tactics to use and also the everything relating to club finances.

Every user from the GoalTycoon community will have a football team and a club park, which is made out of a stadium, hotel, restaurant, clinic, parking lot, administrative building and training field. The manager will also have a team of advisers that will help him develop his club, giving him information about the necessities of his club park.

There are also forums that can be used to ask questions or find out more information about the game. There is also a built in chat program so when you are online you can chat to other players from across the world or even exchange tactics.

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If you are prepared to invest the time then you can actually make some decent money by winning cup competitions, referring other people. I will state because this is the question everybody asks NO you do NOT need to invest money to play as with other games it just means you can progress at a faster rate.

If you wish to ask any questions please feel free to do so, i have added a link for the official documentation for you to look at and a link to sign up with if you want to take a look, remember it is free to join and you don't need to invest anything.

Official documentation can be found here

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  2. Hola!
    Los quiero invitar al juego GOALTYCOON,
    en el cual Puedes ganar dinero siendo manager de FOOTBALL.
    Este es un nuevo juego de gestión deportiva en el cual podrás decidir sobre las alineaciones, tácticas, jugadores,
    entrenamientos, precio de entradas, ampliación de estadio, etc, etc.
    LO MÁS IMPORTANTE ES DIVERTIRSE, pero a medida que mejores vas a poder ganar dinero,
    tu lo utilizarás tanto para invertir en tu equipo para mejorar aún más o lo puedes retirar
    (monto mínimo de retiro 10 Euros).

    Únete a la Liga de TU PAÍS aquí: