Planet Of Dreams

Planet of dreams is a real cash economy game in the MMO style being developed as a sole project by Amir Ghayes. The game is currently in development and is seeking new players to join and help test the game. There are regular updates and contests on going all the time. If you decide to take a look please remember that this game is still in development and being funded by the developer and donations that are made through the website. Still a long way to go but the basics are there and there is a decent following.

The key thing to this game is that you will be able to convert your in game money to real money and withdraw it, similar to some other games out there, thus making it a Real Cash Economy Game. It is worth saying it might be worth getting involved at an earlier date or keeping yourself up to date with what is going on.

There is a ton of information, screenshots and thoughts behind the project on the website, if you are interested in having a look or just be nosy then here are the links required.


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