Aftertime Diaries

Aftertime diaries is a real cash economy game in which you can convert in game currency to real cash and withdraw, exchange real money with AT$ (After Time Dollars) and get  real money back out of the game at the rate of 1 USD to 100 AT$.
Make your investment grow by trading with the other players, or renting one of the useful estates existing all over the world.
Come and try one or more of the several professions that are available. You could become a hunter, excavator, trader, farmer, crafter, healer, buffer as well as many others.

Travel through huge territories based on real Earth locations and let the view of these wonderful landscapes touch your soul.
Keep in touch with your friends and competition in game or through our social platforms which support all the major Computer Operating Systems as well as tablets and smartphones.

After a huge combination of disasters, the continents moved faster than expected and began to join each other to create a huge Pangea. Only a few civilizations survived and continued prospering on the planet. These survivors are the ones who were able to rapidly adapt their style of living. Those who lived the most primitive could prosper because they were used to hardship already. Those who could gather the technologies that survived the disasters also survived and continued to fight for and to uncover more technologies to help them in the barren lands.

Lossehelin from conducted an interview with Michel the head developer of Aftertime diaries recently. Here is a link to the full transcript - Interview

There are some questions that are answered but still no real idea on when this game is going to be available to play or even test.

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